Deadline24 is an international team programming marathon. During the contest, the teams of three tackle algorithmic problems for 24 hours. Everyone can demonstrate knowledge, skills, creativity and perseverance. We have been organizing Deadline24 since 2009. Currently, it is an international competition and year by year it becomes more and more popular.

The plot of the contest tasks, based on the adventures of beetlejumpers, is not the only distinguishing feature of Deadline24. It is also about the venues where it is organized, always closely related to the industrial tradition of the Silesia Province. In 2016 and 2017 the final challenge took place in Muzeum Śląskie, four stories underground.

A year before, the finalists arrived in Contemporary Art Gallery ”Elektrownia” in Czeladź. In 2014, we were in the historic “Ludwik” Mine in Zabrze. 2012 and 2013 editions took place in the Guido Historic Coal Mine at 320 meters below ground.

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